Term and Condition

Temuka Plunket Toy Library Rules

  1. Overdue toys

1 session grace only will be given on toy return after this you will be charged overdue fines.

Overdue toys will incur a fine of $3.00 per toy per week.  Persistent lateness in returning toys

may result in cancellation of your membership.

2    Dirty toys

Care of toys you borrow is your responsibility.  Please return them clean and tidy, in the

condition you would like to receive them!

A great deal of time and effort from the committee is put into the repair and maintenance of the toys.  Your care helps to maintain their condition.

A $5 fine may be charged if toys are brought back un-cleaned, and you will be directed to the wash-up facilities to clean them.

3    Loss and/or damage toys

Toys break even in normal play.  Don’t be embarrassed if this happens to you.  Please notify us of missing or broken parts when you return the toys.

  • Broken Parts: A replacement charge of $5.00 will be charged per broken part. (Non-refundable)
  • The Toy Library Committee will consider extensive damage. This may result in you being asked to contribute to the cost or repair or replacement.
  • Lost Parts: A replacement charge of $5.00 per piece, bag or instructions will be levied for lost pieces.  This will be credited on return of the missing pieces(s) provided it/they are returned within 6 weeks.
  • No further toys may be borrowed until all fines are paid


4    Checking Toys

When you are in the library please be aware that each toy is packed and checked in its own container.  It would be appreciated that you keep each toy in this condition.  Toys must be checked on return by the rostered duty person or librarian.

5    Toys at home

At the end of each play session at home, we ask that you put the library toys away in their library containers or boxes.  This keeps them separate from your own toys and makes it much easier when you come to return them.

6     Please do not exchange library toys with friends even if they are toy library members.  All library toys borrowed by you must remain in your home.

7     Please keep us informed of any change in you address, email or phone number

8     If you decide to discontinue your use of the library for any reason, we would appreciate you notifying us.

9     There will be no refund of any subs paid.

10    Any amendments to the rules will be notified through a newsletter to members.

11..... LIABILITY CLAUSE (To be read and signed by each member)

       I hereby assume complete and full responsibility for any and all injuries to any person or person, which results in whole or in part from using the toys; I have borrowed from this library.  I hereby release the RNZPT Temuka Plunket Toy Library Group from all responsibility for any injuries so sustained either outside or on the library premises.

12    I acknowledge that the RNZPT Temuka Plunket Toy Library Group reserves the right to visit homes to reclaim overdue toys.

13         I have read and understood the rules relating to the RNZPT Temuka Plunket Toy Library Group.